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Seven Dwarfs: The Queen’s Return Hack

Seven Dwarfs: The Queen’s Return Hack

Seven Dwarfs: The Queen's Return Hack

The Seven Dwarfs: The Queen’s Return Hack possibilities:

  1. Adds unlimited TP

Do you need it right now? Read instruction and start download! – Don’t wait!

About game:

  • Enter the enchanted forest in this exciting continuation of the classic story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
    The Queen has returned! And she has cast a curse that has left Snow White and the dwarfs scattered throughout the vast forest. It’s up to you to rescue them! Lift the Queen’s curse, and return happiness to the forest and its inhabitants in this free, village-building adventure.


  • Download Seven Dwarfs: The Queen’s Return Hack from links below post.
  • Choose download options: iPhone; iPod; or iPad download.
  • When you’ve finished downloading, open iPhone_Hack.rar, iPod Hack.rar or iPad Hack.rar
  • After that open .rar and connect your device to PC.
  • Now you can move files from .rar to internal memory.
  • The hack must be in …/data/Seven Dwarfs: The Queen’s Return/(there).
  • Start hack, and adds what’s you want!

Good Luck and Have Fun wishes!


  1. Works on ALL game versions!
  2. Tested by many people. And a lot of creators of hacks.
  3. Easy to use! Just click and wait few seconds.
  4. 100% SAFE.
  5. Works on iPhone, iPod and iPad !



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